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Earth is a beautiful planet, and the World an amazing place to travel.

SAPHAR would guide you to various destinations of the world in travel therapy trips; Providing well researched, great itineraries; comfortable accommodations; well informed guides and intellectual therapists.

It’s a great learning experience to be on new lands and open ourselves to new cultures, religions, customs etc. Such experiences enable us to overcome our ‘neo-phobias’ and thus increasing our capability to accept new things.

Our wonderfully designed activities; based on various theories/therapies and researches, would help the traveler to enjoy stress buster holidays in much innovative manners.

So, pack your stylish clothes and get ready for holiday trips with therapy.


Cultural Traveling tours of the mystical mesmerizing country- India, are designed keeping in mind the wonderful three generation families; providing vacation to the families in a way that family bonds are strengthened and youngsters get the tastes of the roots of our colorful cultures.

India has fascinated people from all over the world with her secularism and her culture. Every region is identified with its handicraft, fairs, folk dances, music, art cuisines and its people. India has a composite culture. There is a harmonious blend of art, religion & philosophy. The diverse geographical locales of India are delight for every traveler.

So gather your family for cultural travel therapy tours.


There is a natural naughty child in every one of us; so whether you are tagged as adventurous or not these adventure therapy tours will not only give you an adrenal rush, but also help you to free yourself from fears and mental blockages.

These adventure therapy tours will not just entertain you to the fullest, but also help you to develop a more confident and stronger personality.

So, get ready to write your own adventure stories & experience yourself as being part of the nature, with the SAPHAR’s adventure therapy trips.


Why are you running around with emptiness inside? Why are you growing stress-trees of negative fruits in your brains? What is blocking your heart?

Recharge your batteries; rejuvenate yourself with the divinity; do a purpose-full journey with SAPHAR’s spiritual Trips.

Here spirituality is the medium to bring you closer to the elements of nature by every step you take in the travelling; to bring you closer to your soul by every breath you take; to integrate your body, mind & soul with infinite intelligence by every mantra you chant.

SAPHAR’s Soulful Spiritual trips will entertain your Soul, refresh your mind and heal your body.

Out- of- the- Box

From all-girls’ trips, to all-guys’ trips.

From mom-kids’ trips, to dad-kids’ trips

From couple trips, to family trips

SAPHAR’s ‘out-of-the-box’ outdoor travel therapy aims to provide stress buster holiday tours, full of entertainment and fun. These therapy trips are designed keeping in mind the objectives like:-

  • Health Trips
  • Happiness Trips
  • Relationship Trips
  • Positive personality Trips
  • Fun Trips
  • Lazy Trips
  • Crazy Trips


These short- break, rejuvenating and full of fun + learning trips are specially designed for “Oh-sooo-very-busy” people, who do wish to try out various things in life and want to explore but unable to take out time.

These ‘quick-fix-trips’ will provide you ideal weekend breaks; and will give you the wonderful opportunity to come closer to yourself as well as your family friends.


The world’s economy is supported by its working class. Then how can ‘ SAPHAR- The Travel Movement Therapy’, travel therapy trips forget our intelligent and hard-working productive members of the society!!!

And here with this outdoor travel therapy trips we specially design our activities/ therapies/ trips, as per the requirements/ needs/ demands/ wishes of the corporate groups.

These groups must have minimums of 20 people.

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