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Different people may have different needs or motives to go for a vacation. And, what if your vacation can turn out to be a complete transformational journey for you!

SAPHAR is a complete, comprehensive & a chill-pill journey. It deals with travel, trip or a tour with lots of fun, excitement & purposes. It’s a trip for every soulful being who believes in living the moments to its maximum. It’s not just a trip for your body and mind, but also to your deep inner- selves.

Of course there are many tours happening! Then why SAPHAR???, Because SAPHAR is not just any tour.
SAPHAR will deal with various fun filled activities like-

  • Fun journey
  • Amazing sight-seeing
  • Several social enhancement activities.
  • Therapeutic games for self as well as relationship enhancement.
  • Team building & personality development programs.
  • Inner spiritual growth.
  • Exploring and learning through nature.
  • It’s a cocktail of fun + food + friendship.

NO, SAPHAR is neither travel agent, nor it’s a tour company. SAPHAR is an organization which is using travelling as a technique to achieve positive health & overall wellness.


  • Bringing the like-minded travelers together.
  • Providing opportunities to Women to explore more of the planet as well as themselves.
  • Trips where families can invest qualitative time with their loved ones.
  • Solution to the people who wish to travel, but not alone.

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       Delhi (NCR) | Bikaner | Mumbai | Manchester (UK)

  (Mob)- +91-9799911117, +91-9716888602
  (Office)- 0129-4166997